PFOA and PTFE FREE: A new Safe PFOA and PTFE FREE stoneware / advanced 7-layer multi-reinforced coating on Cucina Stoneware products are affirmed safe for cooking by regulatory agencies worldwide! 

✧ Healthy Cooking with increased heat absorption: The unique hybrid coating provides a stable heat distribution and rapidly heating up, SAVES TIME and ENERGY! It helps drain fat and grease, and allows you to cook with little oil!

✧ Sturdy Reinforced Die-Casting Aluminum Body: Break-resistant and DOES NOT warp! Stoneware enhances durability and strength, with a robust 4mm thick construction and a tough anti-scratch surface.

 Tough Anti-scratch surface: Our exceptionally durable scratch-resistant surface allows you to cook freely and is 5X longer-lasting than traditional coating!

✧ Eco-friendly Non-Stick Stone Coating: It allows you to cook seamlessly, smokeless, green, and healthy with this non-stick durable surface!


✧ 不含PFOA及PTFE:採用了革命性的7層石材塗層,不含有害物質如PFOA(全弗幸酸)及PFTE(鐵氟龍),令您煮得安心,食得放心。

✧ 快速加熱:榮獲專利的月球表面塗層保證不黏鑊,而且傳熱快速,散熱平均,煮飯而家唔止快咗仲節省咗能源!另外,有效幫助食物排出過多油脂,無油煮食不是夢!


✧ 超強防刮花表層: 有效阻止刮痕產生,而且比起傳統塗層壽命長5倍,煮飯時候更安心!

環保石材不黏塗層: 不黏塗層使廚具更易清潔及烹調,只需少量油便能烹飪,從此告別大煙大油的廚房!

超大容量: 與傳統圓形烤盤比較有更大的烹飪空間,非常適合燒牛排及其他燒烤類型烹調活動,輕易製作出2-5人份量的盛宴。

Kitchen Grill Pro Hotplate Barbecue plate -45x27cm

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