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Experience the ultimate solution with a single device that caters to both your foot care and hair removal needs.
Designed with ergonomic precision to ensure a comfortable grip in your hand.
Perfect for both wet and dry skin, providing versatility and flexibility in your grooming routine.
Say goodbye to blades and hello to a safe and effective way of achieving soft and beautiful feet.
Achieve beautifully smooth and callus-free feet with the Nano Pedi foot file.
Gently exfoliate dry and dead skin, leaving your feet soft and rejuvenated.

Flip over to the Nano Pedi hair remover for pain-free hair removal on various body parts.
This versatile device has got you covered whether it's knuckles, arms, legs, chest, back, ankles, instep, or knees.
Suitable for all skin types, ensuring safe and reliable performance without harming healthy skin.
Built to last with sturdy construction and designed for long-term use with proper care.
Say goodbye to multiple tools and hello to the ultimate grooming solution with the 2-in-1 Nano Pedi DUO.

Nano DUO Clamshell
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