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About Us

Founded in 2005, Innovative Ideas has grown to become a leader in global manufacturing, sales, distribution, and TV home shopping.  Every decision we make is inspired by our mission: to provide the highest standard of product and service to our retailers and customers.


Based in Hong Kong with branch offices throughout Mainland China, Innovative Ideas proudly partners with key direct response marketers (DRTV) around the globe,  to develop and manufacture the world's best-selling As Seen on TV products.

In this rapidly evolving industry, we recognize the importance of updating our approach with a team dedicated towards developing, manufacturing, and delivering products that retailers need now. By staying relevant in the marketplace, and creating truly profitable, high-quality lifestyle products to be marketed to the masses, our team is committed to creating 'Products for a Better Tomorrow.' 


We invite you to browse through our product line and look forward to working together!



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